its been so long.

2 Mar

its been so long, ive been going. visions of what this good be have been running through my head. creativity has taken over my thoughts. writing and being a student journalist has become my life.

But, Ill be back sooner than you think. New content to come, within weeks.


[Below] a vintage polaroid shot, taken through my travels in the empire state. went to go see Theophilus London & Little Dragon. Seize all opportunities. Laugh until it hurts.



The Grammys come to DC.

2 Mar

Blue backlights, big screens, and business professionals proved to be nothing short of Hollywood Chic. BARCODE, on 17th Street in downtown D.C. could have been mistaken for Malibu or Melrose last Sunday as the Recording Academy hosted the 2011 Grammy viewing party.


The telecast viewing party for the 53rd Annual Grammy Awards was to celebrate and honor the past year in music. Music Industry executives and members of the recording academy who didn’t go to LA, mixed with Grammy U members and other young people. The electro-pop DJ,

hor devours, and big viewing screens made for good vibes in between the show whether it was personal commentary, winning a door prize.


“It’s a great networking opportunity there are promoters, agents, GMs, performance venue owners here,” said songwriter and Academy member B-Rich. “Attendance at this event can broaden your network in the DC area—instantaneously.”


The Grammy Awards this year was highly entertaining. When Jaden Smith jumped on stage with pop superstar Justin Beiber –the entire rooms roared in excitement. Furthermore, jazz musician Esperanza Spalding winning the Grammy for Best New Artist took the crowd over the top—leading to easy conversation the rest of the night.


Student members of Grammy U also filled the venue cultivating off of the amazing opportunity to view the award show with people who voted on many of the winners.


“Becoming apart of Grammy U has allotted me the opportunity to network with other college students and business professionals in the Washington dc area who are also apart of or intertwined within the entertainment industry, said Howard University student Martiea Anderson.”


Grammy U is a unique fast-growing community of college students in pursuit of a career in the music industry. The program is designed to enhance students learning with access to recording industry professionals, networking opportunities, and educational programs to give them a 360 view of the recording industry.



“ Ultimately I would like to start my own recording studio and performance venue,” said American University student Aaron Long. “I’ve got lots of business cards tonight, I think Grammy U can open new doors and give me new insights to reaching that goal.”


As the night ended and the at least 100 event attendees filed out of BARCODE, the night proved to be a success—the Grammys came to D.C. If anyone left the event without a new name in their phone contacts, a new song to add to their iTunes, or a new insight into the industry they may not have been there at all. The Recording Academy did it once again—giving everyone their music fix, satisfying the vivacious audiophile in all of us.







A Look Back at Black History.

2 Mar

Most people assume that the closest they will ever get to the NBA is a courtside seat to watch and cheer for their favorite team, but when Ken Hudson set his eye on the game and the opportunity presented itself, he bought a pair of sneakers and a whistle and hit the ground running—literally.


Growing up in the Homewood area of Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, Hudson knew he would never let go of his first love —sports, but he never thought he’d marry it either. Joining the National Basketball Association in 1968 as the league’s first black referee, this lifetime partnership began and allotted him an extraordinary experience.


After attending college in Ohio at Central State University, Hudson moved to Boston where he met NBA legends Bill Russell, Sam Jones, and Red Auerbach. However, at the time he never anticipated that those relationships would lead him to a career center court doing what he loved most.


“I had a conversation with Bill and told him ‘One day I’d like to referee in the NBA.’ He looked at me like I had lost my mind,” Hudson recounts. “Shortly after we drove down to Red Auerbach’s camp, and I had the same conversation with him. Red looked at me and said, ‘So. A lot of people would like to do that.’”


That same day, Hudson had an offer to practice with the Celtics; Auerbach wanted to “see what he could do.” After taking on the challenge with great excitement, he began training to referee in the NBA and soon after, his career began. Over the course of his time with the NBA, Hudson refereed over 350 games, and made history as the first person of African American decent to referee on national television.


Hudson proved to be a change agent. The 1960s brought about positive advancements in civil rights and although segregation was not far behind—things were looking up. Hudson seldom faced discrimination because of his race. He stated that there were surely persons who were unhappy to see him succeed but prior to his employment the NBA had worked with people of color, and many were supportive and ready to see him elevate the game.


Since retiring from the NBA, Hudson is still stretching himself far and wide.  He has established a number of summer programs for kids, including the Boston Shoot Out which raised over 100,00 dollars for the Boys and Girls Clubs of America. Hudson also worked with the Atlanta Hawks, observing referees.


Hudson’s determination and commitment to be the best at whatever he sets his mind to are traits that all people can mirror. His brisk rise to the top of his dream career is something that many want, and that many have the capabilities to achieve. His life and achievements show that the dreams that seem unreachable are really only a conversation and opportunity away.



“I often speak around the country and tell people, whatever it is you decide to do make sure you put forth maximum effort because you only get ONE opportunity to fail,” Hudson said. “Despite all obstacles you are in a position to succeed and if you are willing to pay a price, success is there. Even if it fails you have nothing to be sorry about. If you put forth maximum effort, it’s amazing what you can accomplish.“



Words open gateways to our hearts, and stick with us forever. As easily as they can break us down, a friendly hello or an inspiring note can change the outlook of our days.  In 1961, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. gave a historic speech at Central State University’s commencement. He said, “Whatever it is you decide to do, always work as hard as you can to be the best you can be.” These words stayed with Hudson, serving as his fortune as he spread them to others.


“If your job is to be a street sweeper — when they close the door on you in life it will say, ‘Here lies the greatest street sweeper who ever lived,’” Hudson said. “If it’s being a bush, be the best bush that ever lived.”


In Hudson’s case, his best is being a referee. Running up and down the court of life, blowing whistles, calling fouls, and reminding young people that dreams have no limit.







Creative Minds: The Commoners Preview

17 Jan

Im a supporter and lover of art with all of its many faces. Visual Art, Graphic Art, Music, Literature, Photography.. .

Two good friends of mine have come together to form: Creative Minds Lifestyle Group and yesterday they presented the Intro and First Chapter in The Adventures of the Commoners. This group is soon to be featured in my “Fresh 5 Under 25,” releasing at the end of this month. The special feature will allow  you to learn more about Creative Minds && how to delve and luxuriate in the artistic energy and lifestyle that they are producing.

Until then enjoy their first two videos, and leave your comments. I want to know any thoughts or reactions.

“In this first chapter of the series of short stories (The Adventures of “The Commoners”), The Commoners find themselves lost in a world that doesn’t suit them as it should. While on a quest to find comfort and belonging, The Commoners meet a mysterious young lady who’s name was Mary Jane Prospect.”


17 Jan

signed to 4AD, a British Independent label.

i get inspired. . . a lot.

16 Jan

Her Pick: Christina Aguilera, Loving Me For Me

16 Jan

This is one my  favorite songs. . .

Now listen to the Chippetes do it. . so precious. .