The Swing of Things

2 Nov

A blog is something I have considered for months. Ive sat and watched as people have poured out their hearts, updates quirky pictures, and shared interest on various internet blogging sites—however I’ve been trying to find out, the answer to the BIG QUESTION: WHY? But as Ive spent more time explored social media, and thinking about the way in which we express ourselves, Ive discovered, that for some this blogging is a hobby and for some merly theraphy. I’d like to call them personal diaries, accounts–colors of our insides & days of our lives. This blog has no specific purpose–its starting today, but there’s no telling where it will go. This serves as my account. My days. My nights. My ways. My inner thoughts & sometimes outer (things that are blurted out that should not be said.) But this will be me, pouring out–racking my own brain. Hello Talk to You- Me- Her.


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