. . . early morning. love jones.

3 Nov

Check out that smooth black skin—sheek like a rain drop, brown like sugar,

I could almost taste it my senses are so keen—oo and then what are those pearls

White like ivory, they remind me of a king and they get a response from me,

My jaw moving, to crack a smile—I have some similar, must be a sign.

Man of the renaissance, renaissance man—with his lyrical empowerment, skill on the brush—looking at life through a lens, putting colors in a frame—looking at me through the small plexi-glass, click,

In the dark room, the page goes from white to a new creation of small specs—

From that I gaze into the mirror and realize that looking through the glass—I see me, and so does he. For we are one—our black love shows us a reflection of each other— as I gaze deep into this reflection I find this color, this life, and as we join—its that brown, beautiful brown skin—smooth like milk chocolate, frames built from our ancestors—light exuberating off of us, we are shinnin—we are LOVE.

——>Brotha to the Night –love Jones inspired this.


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