Facebook:Connecting Adolecents and Senior Citizens One Post at a Time

3 Nov

There is absolutely no reason I should pop on my facebook and see a new friend request from a 12 year old. All the random weird men and people from elementary school trying to add me serve as enough “weirdness” in my online experince, but to see CHILDREN and MY GRANDPARENTS FRIENDS adding me–this is scary.

The little 12 -year-old friend request, just happened to be from my little brother. He is on face book, proud as punch with his little profile picture; taken on his camera phone. I remember being in middle school, waiting to go to high school to connect to my network, as I remember it that was the concept. Now kids are waiting to go to middle school (smack dab in the middle of their personal development) in order to get that ever so valuable face book username and password.

As I review his page, I see uploaded pictures of OUR FAMILY and pictures of girls from his school and little silly cartoons that he has been tagged in. As our youth become more advanced both in their studies and in everything that they shouldnt know, social networks like facebook are to blame. A 7th grader should be focused on their homework, and being involved at their school–not running home to log on facebook. The internet opens many doors, some of which should be locked. Facebook is serving as a virtual reality except in their world, everyone is on the same playing field. Grown men and women can upload pictures, share albums, connect, meet, and keep in touch with everyone their age and younger.  As time progresses children will have nothing to wait for–they will be able to have many benefits of being an adult through technology and the internet.

This universal facebook also has the ability to dig people in deep dark black holes—and to blast, blast, blast. It serves as the snooping site of all time. I enjoy my facebook, and use it to communicate with those that are my age and in my network. I don’t post new pictures and express myself through a status that may have occasional curse word so that my church members can go back and report to my senior pastor or my parents about my college adventures. The fact that people get caught PARLAYING online and taking multiple pictures with multiple girls & boys–that’s not my perogative. . i just would like to speak freely.

… but its time this ends, these are my free flowing thoughts about these kids and granny on this online universe–facebook.


&& it says he is single– ha. these kids dont need to be in relationships


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