finding that fine line between chilhood and adulthood

18 Nov

Lately Ive been struggling with the concept of being a young adult, while still being a “child.” The idea of being grown sounds great–but does not really hold true until you are out of college, paying bills, and working a 9-5 (which is something many of us want and dread at the same time.)

College allows us the opportunity to live on our own and experience life for ourselves. We can take impromptu trips. Seek out our interest. Explore cities and towns. We can stay out all night long and sleep all day. But while all of this sounds great many of us dont take on a lot of the freedom we have been searching for since middle school. I personally have been struggling with finding the fine line between their (my parents business and my business.) How much should I tell them? How much do they need to know? How much of me do they really understand. There have been many instances where Ive opened up to my parents about college experinces, late nights, hangovers, realtionships, and even daily happenings in class and Ive gotten great responses–and for a moment I feel as if we are having a breakthrough–“they really get me, they get what its like to be 20 in 2010.”

. . . . . . . . .

. . .

Then they drop a bomb on me && sometimes dont understand anything and I wish I never told them. In getting older, we want to be able to tell our parents what we are doing and have that open truthful relationship with them, however its discouraging to tell them, only to be shut down. Many of my friends and mentors who are older have explained that this is simple something that we as young people will struggle with all through life until we become dependent of our parents–and even then it will be hard.


Deep down I believe everyone seeks approval from their parents.

The entire process is about seeking personal growth and finding things on our own. . although we care what our parents think and say, just as they lived life and made mistake or learned lifes lessons, that is our responsibility as well.


ill probably explore this in more detail in a later post.


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