Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, Love Me Back, In My Zone–this week sound bites

29 Nov
Kanye West

Image by jurvetson via Flickr

Attention, Attention, Attention:

Kanye West has official made attempts to steal my heart back, yet AGAIN. He has definitely made a comeback with his new album My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, this album is very euro-hip hop which a huge difference from his last album which i my opinion was rather somber and depressing with a few exceptions. -_____-

This album does alot for Mr. West as a lyricist its a impressive combination of great lyrics and original beats that naturally make you do the old school “head bob..” the album even includes the comedic commentary “Yeezy Taught Me..”

If you were like me and totally wrote him off as a person, and as an artist just because of his attitude, by the album you may change your outlook. Fans still haven’t gotten over his Taylor swift stunt, as they booed him at the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade–BUT we gotta give it to him, the man has got TALENT & thats what G.O.O.D Music is about.

Listen to all of the Lights–> Dark & Twisted

I previewed Jazmine Sullivan’s new album, and its also something that I think will be well liked by the masses, especially after her amazing perfomance at the Soul Train Awards. Jazmine Sullivan will always be appreciated in my book for actually having a voice, she reminds me a lot of Lauryn Hill, and her music just as Lauryn speaks of relate-able things that people go through every day, heartbreak, happiness, and disappointment.

We make pointless artist rich, who have no skill and talk about nothing–while we sleep on artist who deserve recognition.

Preview Jazmine\’s Album <——- My personal favorite is Stutter.

And in her words, “this is my only job so please go buy the album, this is my 9-5.” With, that being said her album comes out tomorrow. 11/30/10.

Chris Brown, In My Zone 2Last year when In My Zone came out, it was Valentines day: which has always been quite somber for me. Not because im a loner–but things always seem to fizzle, and then look up in the time before and after V-Tines (excuse me for getting personal) I sat in my room and let it play the whole weekend: Twitter, Too Freaky, and No Bullshit got me thru the “rough patch.”

#nowplaying, this new joint and so far im liking what I hear–its pretty diverse, but shows off his undeniable amounts of talent. “Christmas Came Today” is my favorite thus far, so you can start there, because the track prior weren’t that memorable.

Get the mixtape: In my Zone Part 2 && ponder just as I do, why all of his mixtapes are better than his albums.

Live. Love. & Listen,



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