Is it okay to get Love Inked?

29 Nov
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Love Ink: Tatted In The Name of Love

by Kimmy on Wednesday August 11th 2010

Love can be a beautiful thing…it ties us together, it binds us together, and it can even ink us together. But when the Love is all gone & you’re all alone staring at that tatt; it makes us regret when the two of us met. Now you wanna cover it up due to shame. You can’t get rid of the pain because of the Love Ink branded on your frame.
So many celebrities today are hooking up and expressing their Love for one another with tattoos. Now, the last time we checked, tattoos are permanent and celebrity couples are breaking up faster than you can snap your fingers. So, why do so many people waste time, money and depending on the person, hours of pain for something that may not last forever? In that very moment that the two of you decided to get branded, things may be going well but when things come to an end you can count on that Love Ink to remind you of the heart break.

Here are some examples of couples that have Love Ink as a reminder of that once special person.

Keyshia Cole has her fiance NBA Player Daniel Gibson’s nicknameon her shoulder–Trey Songz and ex-girlfriend Helen have matching tattoos as well.



My thoughts: I found this post interesting because I myself have tattoos, and have not gotten “love inked” with a significant other but have indeed had the conversation.

An ex-boyfriend from high school talked for months and months about getting my lips tattooed on him, so as a young gal (freshman year of college) I sat in my room, put on hot pink lipstick and mailed him about 28 lip prints for him to choose from. This was a cool thought for the moment, and I thought it was special–but looking years down the road, would I really want my lip print on another man permanently. I am an advocate of being free-spirited and living in the moment, so 25 years from now I may have run into him and said “Wow I cannot believe I did that.” OR “Hey, we were young, that was fun–guess I impacted his life!” Luckily he did not get the tattoo, but that would have been a story to tell the chirreeens.

Even in my recent relationship we discussed getting matching. . . . Triangle tattoos ( Yea, I know but wait a second before you judge me.) I wanted the design because for me a triangle means balance, tranquility, all of the good things that come in threes ( (the father. the son. the holy spirit) && he wanted it for his own personal reasons. I thought it was a great idea, we share a very close bond and because of this I didn’t mind–I felt that if I look at the tattoo down the road indeed I would think of him, but it also reminded me of my own deeply rooted beliefs. We didn’t get the tattoo but the fact that I would have, makes me ponder exactly what this ink means to our generation.

#PAUSE::::: As I was writing this blog i quickly remember I am a victim of matching “love ink…” but not with my male counterpart–with my girlfrans instead. Its 2 faces, meaning laugh now–cry later. This was a first tattoo for all of us, commemorating our friendship and freshman year, its something I will always remember. Will I look at it different 30 years from now, probably. . . but will I regret it NAA. The meaning of it will always be the same, life is too short to boo hoo, laugh about it and dont take it too seriously. && I love those gals. Its cute, but how quickly I almost forgot about the little tatt. (that we all snuck and got busted with freshman year of college) oo the memories.

Tattoos are more than just ink and dye, they strongly represent our culture and individuality in our generation. They articulate designs, and meaning or lack there of; are a clear reflection of our generation. When we are 40= it wont be abnormal for parents to be “tatted,” its simply a generational idea and trend. There are those with the infamous “Chinese Symbol” and “LIBRA GIRL” tattoo, but then those people with the elaborate phoenix, quote, or piece of art that they have added to their bodies. No matter how STUPID or ARTISTIC it may be, it still reflects Gen-X and our ever growing trend of being “Tatt, Tatt, Tatted up!”


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