my weekley sound bite: Little Dragon, Tribute to Yukimi Nagano

6 Dec

When hearing Little Dragon I imagined a small mythical creature or an indie rock band; not one of the newest breakthrough groups of our time. I’m not sure to call them a group, or a band. but either way they are mythical and magical in their own right—crossing multiple genres of music and artistry with their soulful sound and ingenious energy.  The Couch Sessions .com released a mix tape a few weeks back, A Tribute to Yukimi Nagano of Little Dragon. It is 55 minutes of bliss, artistry, and creativity. I’ve been listening to this repeatedly for a week, along with their new album, Machine Dreams.

This “electronic music band” based out of Sweden is well known around different art and music circles, but un-recognized as one of the best Hip-Hop, Jazz, Indie, and R&B groups to date. The band is currently preparing on their first US tour with shows in New York on January 21 and DC on January 22, featuring new hip-hop artist Theophilus London. There is no doubt where if I’ll in New York for the already sold out show, and a night of awe-inspiring music, good vibes, and good company. For all of those followers who are new to Little Dragon, The Couch Sessions mix tape as well as Machine Dreams will serve as a good pedigree to Yukimi also introducing you to Little Dragons best works, sparing you the hunting & gathering on the web. Just 3 minutes of listening, and you’ll be hooked, searching for old tracks and feigning for new ones.


Check it out.



1.) Koop – Whenever There Is You
2.) Ge-ology – Blues Alley
3.) Little Dragon – No Love
4.) Quartermaine – Mystic Qool Breeze
5.) Little Dragon – After The Rain
6.) Little Dragon – Feather
7.) Shuya Okino – Pieces of You
8.) Little Dragon – Forever
9.) Koop – Summer Sun
10.) Little Dragon – Thunder Love
11.) Hird – Love You My Hope (Do Right Remix)
12.) Swell Session – The Music in Her Eyes
13.) Koop – I See A Different You
14.) Jafrosax – Drawn 2 U
15.) Little Dragon – Never Never

Happy Downloading.

:] Nojo


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