Lil Five Points.

15 Dec

This art, fashion, and all around creative district in east of downtown Atlanta is one of the most intriguing and exciting spots in the city. Lil five is an old neighborhood originally established in the 1900’s as a commercial district for Inman Park and Candler Park, that has transformed through the years as “chill spot” for the cities adults, young adults, and teens.

i have top spots on L5P’s “main street, and each place is full memories–after school eats at “The Vortex” –Tattoos at “Holy Mother” –Thrifting at “Rag-O-Rama–and Searching for Sounds at “Moods Music.”

I enjoy the feeling of this district & go everytime in back in my hometown.

We would stop, sit, and chat at Little Five Pizza.

My friends have gotten amazing tattoos withing those walls. Those people are artist.

“Tattoos are like stories — they’re symbolic of the important moments in your life.”

visit —>>

The Pink Zebra. Fabulous Shoes, Fantastic Sales. Its a cute little shop. Its a rarity to find boutiques that aren’t overpriced–this boutique is the diamond in the ruff. Great prices.


This is just like any other thrift store, EXCEPT ITS RAG-O-RAMA, on Euclid in Lil 5. They have a variety of clothing, chores, and accessories–this store is NEVER empty. They BUY, SELL, AND TRADE.

:::::::::::::::::: get “rags”:::::::::::::::::::::::: “rags” :::::::::::::::::::

Moods Music. This is my favorite music store both in and outside of Atlanta. They specialize in “hard to find” albums and in highlighting artist that are both in and outside of the main stream.

“A rebirth through music has reemerged through the essence of the mom & pop record store.

Moods Music initially established its name through the making of music compilations, but because of the increasing demand for good music, Moods has evolved into the very popular, one stop, must shop music store. Located in the heart of Little Five Points, Atlanta, you will find Moods Music housed in an eclectic fusion of creative cubbyholes located in The Bazaar.

Take a walk into the Moods Music Zone.”

-From a story by Kemi Bennings

This store is amazing, you open the door to amazing scents, sounds, and soul.

shop online at —->>>

If in town make sure you come by my top spot formally known as Little Five Points. :]


One Response to “Lil Five Points.”

  1. Kia December 16, 2010 at 6:58 am #

    i really love the fact that you did a post on L5P. it doesn’t receive enough recognition, especially from the black population! it’s really overlooked. but i’ve gotten all my tattoos from Sacred Heart there, love shopping at Sevananda, browsing through Junkman’s Daughter and just cooling it at the Native American shop. two thumbs up girl!!!

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