Q U A D R O N : my weekly sound bite

15 Dec

I’d like to call this group my [personal] discovery.

They have a sound distant from anything I have ever heard.

I entered a record store in little five points, where their record was playing off of their debut album “Quadron,” just released in 2010 and I could do nothing but “pick & purchase.” As much as I am a lover of secular music, American pop, rap, hip-hop and rock. I’ve found a new love over the past couple of months slowly pushing these genres out of the top spot: Indie Hip- Hop, and European Neo-Soul, Tri-Hop, R&B, Pop and Jazz. I guarantee that any lovers of GOOD music, real instruments, and true voices will applaud & appreciate what this group means to the future of music.

As I let their album play there is nothing that  I feel other than euphoric happiness.

Here is Simili Life,  electro-pop single.

Day:: Smoooottthhh. Their music takes one on a musical adventure, never knowing what kind of twisted way it will end.

“Day treat me right, treat me warm.”

Average fruit::

“There is this chick named CoCo who is blowing my mind like some sort of M. Night Shyamalan movie.

She, along with producer Robin Hannibal, have formed a ’60s-sounding pop duo called Quadron. Think of them as a mix between Adele, The Supremes and Sade — happy pianos paired with tear invoking lyrics.

Basically, if a music genre called “bipolar” existed, Quadron would be at the top of it’s list.”

-NY Post

I never thought I would be stuck on a group out of a small town in Denmark, but I never said that I wouldnt.

Follow them on Twitter: @quadron_quadron

Album available on iTunes.

For all of the music lovers, hipsters, and indie jazz, electo-pop lovers—this is for youu.

Live. Love. Listen



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