16 Dec

One Response to “ARE YOU CUFFED YET?:: BLOGvid”

  1. Kia December 16, 2010 at 9:27 pm #

    haha i must say that i like your blogvid on cuffing season… i’m def now a subscriber to this blog! i’m diggin it!
    my views on cuffing season… now, i’ve just become familiarized with what this actually means just about a month ago. personally, i’m not in agreement with it. i don’t like the idea of people being “booed up” or screwing just for a season. are we not worthy enough to become a dude’s woman for longer than that? or to be more than just a cut buddy? to me, cuffing season seems like a way to make cut buddies legit for a certain season. cuz if the same thing was happening in say, july, would it be seen as cuffing? NO. it would be seen as ho-ing.
    i’ve noticed that spring/summertime is either break-up season or when everyone is single and not trying to have a relationship. it could just be that i’m familiar with macon and atlanta, and that’s how they do there? hm.
    but i digress.

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