Summertime fine, gave me the Winter Cold.

16 Jan
There is always a reason behind most emotional changes. Fear. Doubt Curiosity.

Can emotions change like seasons do?

As you make the choice to pull back and do what you think you are supposed to do, or try to find out–you may be missing out on what was destined for you to posses–you could miss out on the love that was in your hand and around your neck, just because you thought about your feelings WAY to much

My summer was warm. It made me smile like sunshine, made me feel like all those women and young girls in the fairytale fantasy movie scence. I felt like I was floating on a magic carpet, watching the sun set next to my aladdin, or sitting in a field full of daisies just laying there staring and the sky  .  . . but  I was not alone.

Summer fell, just like the leave off the trees. It changed as a seasons do. Flowers turned to leaves. Leaves turned all shades of red and orange . .. and they soon fell with such delicacy, hitting the grown softly-unlike the Great Wall of the bridge in London. Although they fell slowly and quietly, the impact was much of the same. Autumn, Fall–the changing of seasons, the great transition .  . . my summer changed.  2 people. 2 places. Summer embraced our spirits. . it was easy going and made our 2 separate lives easy and smooth, merged them together into one. Heat, created fire. . . or enhanced a flame that had been burning and made it hotter than ever. summer allows ppl to be their creative and carefree selves. It was hot, each day we added color and vibrance to a picture full of texter—as fall approached the picture was and still is not a masterpiece and its incomplete, but the reminance of what was created is still there colors and life in all of its brightness.

Autumn changed things, but the fire still burned, with a few hot days and weekends appearing amongst the cold october and november months. The days felts like weeks. They brought back a piece of summer, and made the longing for the comfort that comes with warmth–the longing for open happiness and the passion and fire that burns inside back. It was undeniable, the love for summer was not only seen deep within but simply through gesture and quick looks and smiles. Summer was a friend, who became a love, who slowly became a distant friendbut never to become a stranger

Then came the Winter time cold.

It was freezing, icy, subarctic. . and there seemed to be NO sign of a de-frost in sight. . Winter brought about a lot of thought, a lot of questions. . it wasnt as free as summer. . it was bogged down. . heavy. It had  me bundled upp,  but evenstill I was cold. .

Winter was an introvert. . closed in and didnt communicate much. . my winter was an icebox, sitting on the left side of the chest. . in place of the heart.

Seemed like summer would never come back around. . . i longed for warmth.

Winter was cold, yet as I sat in it. .. I realized that it wasnt going anywhere. . so I may as well embrace the cold. . maybe that would speed up time. .

After dark days of winter. . I decided that I would make winter mine, it would become a friend, not a foe–there was a piece of summer left somewhere beneath the ice. .

it became cool and crisp. . there was no longer snow. . I was no longer frostbitten. . once I accepted the cold, I found it to be, different but fufilling. .

If i couldnt have my summer back, in the same exact way it came to me, then id enjoy winter. . for once I became comfortable with this season, I realized that much of it was the same as summer, it was just another side. . like a twin brother with a few minor differences. .

Initially the winter cold burned. . it hurt. . and i never thought my summertime fine would reveal.i never thought he would show himself again. . but i realized that I could experience the wonderful things of summer, in the winter. . just a different climate and a different capacity. .a different sensuality.

People change, just as seasons do. . This isnt neccessarily a negative thing. . its what you make it. .

My summertime fine gave me the winter cold. .


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