Weekly Sound Bite: Kendrick Lamar

16 Jan

Kendrick Lamar just serves as another musician representing the vast array of talent emerging from the underground music scene out of California.This artist represents what he calls “Human Music” that only real people with real lives can come to appreciate.

Kendrick Lamar, formerly known as K.Dot has been on the music scene for years, alongside Jay Rock and Top Dawg Entertainment. This rapper has a common Cali flow, similar to Dom Kennedy however they vary lyrically. He is no J. Cole, Wiz Khalifa, or Big Sean–he has created a sound of his own–he fits perfectly into anyones iTunes amongst the list of other male rappers. . bring a different sound, something every much his–guess it truly is “human music.”

“We hurt people that love us, love people that love us–Im inspired, so get inspired. . ” Is this not real life?

This is only a small fracture of the reality in his music, in human being can relate to this simple line—he crosses social boundaries. .

Take a bite, enjoy:

She Needs Me, Official Video

Opposites Attract

Is this Love? ( My personal favorite)




Live. Love. Listen


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