. . .she’s here to listen.

Talk to Her, Her being me.

This blog is a representation of my inner thoughts, feelings, likes, dislikes, and feelings. Many of us have conversations within ourselves–so you could call each post an inner convo, interest, or “hobbie” being trasnsformed into words, pictures, and a “Noelle” form of expression.

This blog should represent me but also alot of  other young innovators. Highlighting music, art, photography, news, dating, relationships and opeining up to the world the thoughts of a 20 year old college student chasing and acheiving dreams never thought imaginable.

As I unleash my inner mind, hopefully I can influence yours.

Talk to me. I want to now your likes, dislikes, and feelings about all things posted.

I must add that I am a student at Howard University, majoring in Print Journalism and pursuing a minor in Graphic Design.


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